Midas Touch Communications being a flexible, creative full service agency is your one-stop-shop for effective communiqué. We work closely with each of our clients to craft a visual story that’s both entertaining and effective. From conception and scriptwriting to shooting, editing, and post production, we’ll promote your goals and interests and commemorate your success.

We value the power of creativity, ever-growing professional skills and ambition to come up with ideas that have an impact. In a nutshell, you can expect only the best from our Team of professionals and our extensive experience.

AV Production
  • Documentary films

  • PSA

  • Short films

  • TV Spots Radio Programs

  • Documentations

  • Motion graphics


  • Concept Development

  • Creative Advertising campaign

  • Outdoor Advertising

  • TV and Radio commercial

  • Graphic Design

  • Road shows

  • Print Media

  • Online Advertising

Event Organizing
  • Corporate events

  • Event Management

  • Product launch

  • Press release

  • Road-shows

  • Concerts and Workshops

Media Placement
  • Video Broadcast/network

  • Cable and online

  • Radio Broadcast and

  • Online Outdoor Display

  • Magazine and Newspaper

  • Media Monitoring

  • Story development

  • Commercial Portraits

  • Documentation

  • Conference and events

  • Occasions

We begin every project with a comprehensive brief about your objectives, your budget, and your deadline. We work with you as partners from start to finish in developing a strategy as a whole and any productions that come with it.

  • A fresh, responsive and flexible approach to all the services that we provide.

  • Connects with audiences through creative storytelling.

  • We want audiences to participate. We want our work to be a zest to their lives.


The Midas Touch team is creative, results-oriented professionals take care of and never lose sight of the infinite possibilities in “the details”, which contribute to the success of a project and peace of mind for our clients. It consists of quick, responsive and creative experts in the field including fulltime employees and part-timers.






Our office

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